Photo of the Day: Using Fire to Charge Mobile Phones

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With thousands of residents in New York and New Jersey left without power following last week’s storm, an innovative company from New York took to the streets to set up charging stations. For those left without electricity, mobile phones are one of the only ways people can contact loved ones, find emergency shelters, or access important information. BioLite‘s CampStoves use the fire from burning wood to charge mobile devices and cook at the same time. BioLite offered New Yorkers a chance to recharge their mobile devices while enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee made by the CampStoves. Mobile use of social media applications has peaked since Sandy, with Twitter reporting double the usage of its mobile platform during the storm.

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  1. Hurricane Sandy is a perfect example of why this great Fire Prevention idea should interest you.

    We will have Power Failures – People will Burn Candles.

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    In North America, 4% of residential fires are candle related. A majority of the deaths and injuries occur during power failures and in houses where the electricity has been disconnected.
    – Again, this is why Kevin’s Kandles are such a great tool for Emergency and Disaster Preparedness. They are Much Safer than traditional candles, Convenient, Inexpensive and Environmentally Friendly. If a Kevin’s Kandle is left unattended – it will go out; if it is tipped over – it will go out!
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    Kevin’s Kandles are a safer and less expensive alternative to traditional emergency candles.

  2. […] yesterday on the Canadian Red Cross blog about how people were charging their phones with a jerry-rigged system based on fire. The author stated: “BioLite‘s CampStoves use the fire from burning wood to charge mobile […]

  3. […] in 2012. This year we learned about why tornadoes generally occur outside of the winter months, how fire can be used to generate electricity in emergencies, and how information shared on Twitter about CPR and first aid can save lives! We […]

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