The Red Cross Round-up

The Round-up offers a weekly sample of what our sister Red Cross Societies are working on around the world.

THAILAND: Floods are not unique for Thailand. But in 2011, the floods were considered some of the worst in the country’s history. One year later, the Thai Red Cross is helping build the resilience of communities to manage future floods – as well as other potential disasters – through a comic book called ‘Disaster Warning by Mr. Radar’. Over 500,000 copies of the book are being distributed by Thai Red Cross to school children across the country. It provides knowledge about the potential hazards a family could face during disasters, such as flash floods and earthquakes. It also teaches children how to prepare before a crisis strikes and how to take action in response. The goal is to reach approximately 300 schools in 20 provinces that were affected by last year’s floods.

SPAIN: For the first time ever the collected funds from the Spanish Red Cross ‘Día de la Banderita – Flag Day – will flow into the national appeal ‘Ahora + que nunca’, with which the Spanish Red Cross intends to expand its social care activities and assist over 300,000 people who are living in conditions of extreme vulnerability. In 2011 Spanish Red Cross reached 2 million people through its social programs.

BURUNDI: The Red Cross visibility in Burundi has increased dramatically since 2009, when volunteers started broadcasting their experiences through radio stations all over the country. The number of volunteers has also increased to 350,000. The content of this program has impressed five commercial radio stations who now offer free airtime to the National Society allowing them to reach audiences all across the country. Through the program, volunteers are able to explain how they respond to different emergencies and this creates awareness among the listeners.

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