Tech Talk: American Red Cross Release Earthquake App

The American Red Cross have released another mobile application to help Americans #beready for a disaster. The Earthquake app helps users prepare their family and home for earthquakes including how to prepare an emergency kit and what to do during an earthquake, and notifies them when an earthquake occurs.  All of the app’s functions are accessible without data connectivity and are useful if there is no power.

If there is an earthquake, the Earthquake app can point you to the closest Red Cross shelter and has a built-in toolkit including a flashlight, strobe light, and audible alert functions. Most importantly, you will be able to notify friends and family by Facebook, Twitter, text message or e-mail via the Earthquake application to let them know that you are safe.

The application is available as a free download for Apple and Android phones and is available in English and Spanish. The release of the Earthquake app comes on the heels of a study by the American Red Cross on the use of social tools and mobile apps in emergencies. The American Red Cross have recently passed 1 million downloads of their First Aid and Hurricane apps.

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