Are Your Pets Prepared for an Emergency?

We always emphasize the importance of having an emergency plan and kit for you and your family, but part of being prepared for an emergency is also having a plan in place to help protect your furry loved ones.

The Canadian Red Cross wants to help you #beready to protect your pets in an emergency by helping you prepare a “Pet Grab & Go Kit”. These items will help keep your pet safe and comfortable and help prevent excess stress in the event of an emergency.

Your kit should include:

  • portable pet carrier (store the following items in the carrier)
  • vaccination record, required ID or license/vaccination tags
  • collar, leash and muzzle
  • pet food for a minimum of three days
  • water (minimum of one gallon per day per animal for a minimum of three days)
  • kitty litter/containers
  • food/water dishes
  • newspaper, plastic bags, cleanser and disinfectants (free of ammonia)
  • medications
  • current photo showing distinctive markings or unique characteristics
  • blanket, towels or pet bed
  • familiar toys

Ensuring your pet’s vaccinations and identification tags are up-to-date are great ways to keep your pet safe even in non-emergency situations. The same applies to having a list of safe places including hotels, kennels, or the home of a friend where you can bring your pet. In an emergency or evacuation, having a plan for your pets may help you keep them safe.

3 Responses

  1. The best ideas to make it!

  2. You won’t have time when the disaster happens to cobble all of this together. Thanks for this info Red Cross.

  3. If all the items won’t fit in your pet carrier, consider putting them into a suitcase kept by your door. Then you can just grab it and go if an emergency happens.

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