Photo of the Day: Summer Camp Brings Fun and Healing to Japanese Children

Photo cred: (Photo: Asuka Suzuki/JRCS)

Every year, millions of children around the world go to summer camp in order to socialize and learn new skills. The Japanese Red Cross used this idea to bring together children from the coastal areas of Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima that were affected by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami last year. The camp allowed for the children to bond and socialize over their shared experiences while learning new skills in a stress-free environment. The children pictured above visited a local dairy farm where they learned how to feed calves and make butter.

The Japanese Red Cross hopes that these shared experiences will bolster the confidence and strength of the children affected by the disaster so that they may continue to strengthen their whole community. Activities like the summer camp are one of the many ways the Japanese Red Cross is helping affected communities recover and rebuild from the disaster.

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  1. […] me when I was doing some writing as a part of my work with the Canadian Red Cross. I wrote a short Photo of the Day post on a special summer camp in Japan that is helping children affected by the earthquake and tsunami last year recover in a low-stress […]

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