Photo of the Day: International Day of the Disappeared

restoring family links

Could you imagine being separated from one of your family members in times of conflict or disaster?  What would you do? Where would you turn for help? How long will it be until you see them again? Are they still alive?

The Canadian Red Cross Restoring Family Links Program helps find answers to these questions for people in Canada and works to re-establish contact with immediate family members after separation occurs during humanitarian crises.

Today is International Day of the Disappeared, when the Red Cross commemorates all of the people who continue to be reported as missing.  Here’s Sadia’s inspiring story of how the Canadian Red Cross Restoring Family Links program connected her to her loved ones after they had been apart for almost ten years.

One Response

  1. A huge tribute to the civilians who disappeared during the Lebanon civil war (1975-1990), which up to today their families and mothers never had a closure or knowledge of what happened to their kids or where they are.

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