Are You Prepared for the Canadian National Exhibition?

The Canadian National Exhibition opened in Toronto last Friday and with the threat of the end of summer looming in the distance comes with it a dangerous combination of carnival games, food, and rides.

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Here at the Canadian Red Cross, we’ve put together a list of items from your emergency preparedness kit to help you navigate the CNE safely:

  •  Bottled water: During August in Toronto, the weather can still be quite hot and humid. Line-ups for the water fountains in the Food Building may be long, and if you don’t want to miss the next Super Dogs you may not be able to make it there in time. We recommend bringing bottled water to keep your cool in ride line-ups, intense games in the Midway, and lengthy shopping adventures.
  • Flashlight and extra batteries: A small flashlight and batteries can fit into the tiniest of bags and can be used to light your way through the precarious haunted house or to create your own strobe lighting effects during any of the bands playing at the CNE Bandshell.
  • First Aid Kit: Your kit should be fully stocked with everything from band aids for blisters and antiseptic wipes or hand sanitizer for all of the finger-lickin’ good food. Toronto EMS and St. John Ambulance are on-site throughout the CNE and a Toronto EMS station is located in the Better Living Centre next to Visitor Services, but these small items will help make your day a bit more comfortable.
    You may wish to carry these small items in your Red Cross fanny pack first aid kit to #saveyourfanny
  • Compass and map: The CNE can be confusing to navigate so be sure to pick up a map on your way in to help you plan your day of rides, shopping, eating, and playing.
  • Have an emergency plan in place: In the large crowds at the CNE it is easy to lose a friend or family member. Agree on a meeting place in advance and make sure every person in your group knows where it is.
  • Non-perishable foods: Select foods that are lightweight and low in sodium to offer your body respite in between your sampling of deep-fried butter and Krispy Kreme hamburgers.
  • Hat: even though the summer is coming to an end the sun’s UV rays can still be quite high. Make sure to pack a hat to protect your head from the sun and to help you keep you cool – but hold on to it on the Crazy Mouse Coaster!

With these items in your kit your trip to the CNE this year is sure to be a safe and fun experience!

For other preparedness tips visit and find out how to prepare yourself for any emergency and join the #beready discussion on Twitter.


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