Photo of the Day: A year after a deadly drought

Just over a year ago, the Red Cross began its response to a deadly drought that was affecting families and farmers crops across the Horn of Africa. Have a look at how, through generous donations, the Red Cross has made a difference:

  • Over 1 million people in Somalia have been reached with food rations, feeding centres, heath care and water and sanitation
  • Over 1 million people in Kenya provided with emergency relief items, food, livelihood support, water and sanitation, and emergency health care
  • 570,000 people in Ethiopia assisted with basic food items, health care, water, sanitation and hygiene promotion
  • 20,000 people helped in Tanzania with food items, agricultural support and financial assistance to help families get back on their feet
  • 240,000 farmers in Somalia provided with seed and fertilizer
  • 450 metric tonnes of food supplement to schools – reaching over 77,000 children and provided emergency health care to over 12,000 people through the Kenya Red Cross
  • 50,000 mosquito nets distributed in Ethiopia
  • Three health facilities and an additional nutrition site in Kenya – 11,585 patients were treated during the month of April.

For more info, check out the Canadian Red Cross donor report.

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