Tech Talk: Staying smart with your phone this long weekend

With the August long weekend coming up, many of us will be heading to the cottage or the campground. Whether you’re lounging on a boat, playing volleyball at the beach, or sitting around the campfire, we’ve discovered some great smartphone applications and accessories to keep you connected and prepared. 

There’s nothing better than enjoying your favourite summer activities with your favourite tunes and for those of you who love to swim, you can now even bring your smartphone in the water with you!  These 10 smartphone accessories posted on will help keep your phone waterproof. Some of the gadgets include a dry case that allows you to take pictures and listen to music under water as well as a waterproof armband that protects your phone from water, sweat and sand.

The coolest one though has got to be the LifeProof LifeJacket phone case. You’ll never have to worry about your phone slipping and sinking into the water again! 

The LifeProof LifeJacket keeps your phone afloat. Image: LifeProof

For those of you who are heading into the woods this weekend, check out these 3 very helpful apps reviewed by our Twitter Team member @AmberMac. The Parks Canada app offers everything from a camping checklist and recipes to safety tips on how to use camp stoves.

Stay safe and enjoy your long weekend!

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