What is your defining moment?

What is the defining moment you felt most proud to be Canadian?

Maclean’s magazine recently put that question out to its audience, and Red Cross disaster management volunteer Lynda Henshell, of Thunder Bay, responded with the statement below. We clipped this from Macleans.ca to share with all of you.

Way to go, Lynda!

On May 28, 2012 my city, Thunder Bay, Ontario flooded causing our water and sewage plant to fail. Over 5000 people were affected by this disaster.

Many had raw sewage floating in their homes and some residents had up to 4 feet of water in their basement.

My moment came when I (a Canadian Red Cross Volunteer) walked into our morning meeting ready to work as a photographer and saw hundreds of Canadian Red Cross workers, most of whom are volunteers, sitting in the college cafeteria.

I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who had volunteered to come help the people in my city.

We had people come from as far away as British Columbia and all the way from Newfoundland.

Thunder Bay is grateful and I will never forget walking into that room full of Red Cross vests.

**Lynda, who is a photographer/graphic designer in her day job, took photos during the recent Red Cross response in Thunder Baydue to flooding. You can see those photos on flickr.

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