These boots are made for singing in the rain

As a Red Crosser, I believe in having the right clothes for the occasion.

And by occasion, I don’t mean which event you’re going to. I am talking about the weather.

In Canada, the weather can be very unpredictable. During this time of year, you could have blue, sunny skies one minute and a downpour of rain the next.

It’s important to be ready for anything Mother Nature might send our way – from snow and sleet to heat waves and thunderstorms. Having the right clothes for the elements can help keep you safe. And the good news is that disaster wear doesn’t always have to be boring!

Case in point: these rubber boots I found while recently browsing Pinterest. They are a very fun. And most importantly, they will keep your feet dry.  Added bonus: they also have a ruler on the side so you can measure the amount of water you’re walking in – perfect for splashing in puddles or responding to a flood.

What are your thoughts?

People can avoid fashion disasters, but real disasters, such as severe storms and floods, can happen anywhere and anytime. The Red Cross recommends that Canadians prepare themselves by learning their local risks, making a plan and building an emergency preparedness kit.

Find out more about how to prepare your family for an emergency at


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