Are you prepared? Bif Naked and the Red Cross can help you #saveyourfanny

It’s Emergency Preparedness Week across Canada and you may have noticed we’ve been having a little fun in social media with a promotion on first-aid fanny packs, encouraging Canadians to ‘Save Your Fanny’.

The fanny packs (regular $13.95), as well as other disaster preparedness kits are on sale with a 15% discount this week as part of Red Cross efforts to remind Canadians to plan for emergencies.

It’s true that disasters can strike anywhere at any time, and Canadians are not immune to natural disasters. When we talk about disasters, we don’t just mean hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires, but also personal disasters, such as house fires or floods. And would your family be able to sustain itself for 72 hours in case the power went out in your home?

Emergencies happen when we least expect them, and having an emergency plan can save precious time, ensure your family’s safety, and allow emergency responders to focus on those in urgent need.

There are three easy ways you and your family can prepare for the unexpected: 1) Know the risks in your area, 2) Make a plan, 3) Prepare a kit.

To help get you started, our friend and rock star, Bif Naked, is reminding you to be prepared and save your fanny! Bif has autographed a fanny pack (she signed ‘Save your  Fanny – Bif Naked xo’) that we are giving away. There are three ways you can win this uber special fanny pack:

Tweet this: @redcrosscanada and @bifnaked want you to #beready. Know the risks, plan and prepare a kit #saveyourfanny

 Leave a comment on this blog and tell us what you should have in your disaster kit. Need a hint? Check here.

 Leave a comment on our Bif Naked/Red Cross facebook post and tell us one thing you should have in your disaster kit.

We’ll compile names of entrants and draw a winner Monday, May 14 at 9 am EST. You must live in Canada to win.

34 Responses

  1. A disaster kit should have a large bottle of water (or purifying tablets), basic medical supplies like gauze, tylenol, bandages, some easy to make and light food like granola bars or dried fruits, a change of clothes for everyone and copies of your ID.

  2. waterwaterwater! plus food, first aid, sources of warmth, and light!

  3. Lots of water and those iodide/iodine drops to purify water… nonperishable food, shelter, those foil-looking blankets, and a strong will!

  4. I live in a natural flood zone in the mountains and always keep an eye on the weather, and river levels especially when the snow starts to melt. Clean drinking water is the number one item on my list.

  5. Condoms. And water for after.

  6. A disaster kit should contain items such as water, batteries, cash, and a manual can opener.

  7. in my disaster kit i would have water, food ( non perishable eg. dried fruit and nuts, granola), food for my pets, First aid kit incase of injury,prescription medications, extra clothes, extra blankets, flashlight, batteries, hand crank operated radio, local maps, pocket knife, whistle, emergency cash in small bills or change

  8. I would like to have water, food, a flashlight and a First aid kit in my disaster kit.

  9. A disaster kit should have bandages, gauze, batteries, radio, blanket, water and non-perishable food.

  10. One thing you should have in your disaster kit is a first aid kit.

  11. water is on the top of the list as well I think if you are in an area where its extremely cold, some sort of heat and sleeping bags (propane heat etc)

  12. -space blanket
    -flash light/ a light that can be seen from the sky/through water
    -astronaut food, non perishable food
    -water/ electrolytes
    -basic first aid kit supplies (contents in lifeguard rooms)
    -water resistant gear
    -fold up ladder if on high levels
    -blow up boat if area could flood
    -cell phone
    -hack saw, hammer, basic army knife
    -wool blankets, extra clothing

  13. I want to be warm so fleece jacket , strong shoes is a must. A bag with basic protein foods, water, blanket and also a battery radio, camera, ID and important papers.

  14. Lots of water, food, blankets, flashlight and a first aid kit!

  15. Jesse pretty much named it all… I was going to be sarcastic and say if you are bringing a woman: chocolate, but I guess I will just stick to the basics water, food, sleeping bag, first aid kit, and a rambo knife. I think that would do it. I don’t have tweet, but Biff is cool and this is a good cause so I thought I would comment.

  16. Have more than one emergency kit. I have one in the truck in case disaster strikes when I am away from home. Don’t forget your pets!! You should have some food for your pets as well as extra water for them. For a dog or cat, have everything in a pet carrier, ready to go.

  17. I should have the following in my disaster kit: water, food, manual can opener, crank or battery-operated flashlight with extra batteries, crank or battery-operated radio with extra batteries, extra keys, for house and car, first aid kit, cash in small bills, copy of my emergency plan and other special needs items such as medications and supplies for babies and people with disabilities.

  18. Band-aids and gauze and gauze tape and alcohol wipes cell phone water and sizers!!!

  19. You should have water, a first aid kit, non perishable food and a way to keep warm among other things in a disaster kit.

  20. Thanks everyone for your responses- you will be a well-prepared group! We choose a name at random – and Amy C, you are the winner of the Bif fanny pack. Can you email me your address?

  21. CONGRATS to amy c, hope she checks back to claim her prize

  22. THANK YOU, I won on fb and sent you the email , so excited, my family saw Bif Naked when they were in Saskatoon at the Ex years ago, my kids were very young and my son was curious as to whether he’d see her naked or not LOL

  23. […] Last week I wrote about The Canadian Red Cross and it being Emergency preparedness week across Canada. Well what better way to finish off this fantastic week than with a giveaway. A really special giveaway. The Canadian Red Cross has help from a wonderful celebrity. Bif Naked  has signed some of the fanny packs and they are giving them away. You can see how to win on the Canadian Red Cross Blog. […]

  24. […] And in true Red Cross fashion, we had a bit of fun on the blog! Just like how Justin Timberlake brought sexy back, we brought the fanny pack back with our Fanny Pack first aid kits. With the help of one of our digital volunteers Bif Naked, we urged Canadians to #saveyourfanny and gave away some of the retro fashion accessories. […]

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