It’s Just Business

Guest blog by Tim Johnson, Public Affairs and Marketing Coordinator

It’s a webisode-based reality show that might have Saskatchewan residents checking their skyline for Trump Towers. But Regina-based Rock Bridge Realty doesn’t need Donald Trump or Celebrity Apprentice to cause a stir. The real estate company has just launched its second season of The Interview, a business reality show in which 10 entrepreneurs vie for a $100,000 job offer with the company by winning weekly challenges designed to raise money for the show’s charity of choice. This season the Canadian Red Cross in Saskatchewan has that honour, as show organizers aim high—this year they hope to raise over $100,000 for Canadian Red Cross bullying prevention programs in the province. Last season they raised over $70,000 in charity.

Yesterday, The Interview kicked off its first challenge: Contestants have been paired off into two groups and have one week to design and market their own “Canadian Red Cross” DQ Blizzard. The creamy treat will be featured at two Dairy Queen locations in Regina. Every cent from blizzards sold will go to the Canadian Red Cross. After the week is out the dollars will be counted and teams will be judged by a panel of Saskatchewan business experts. But viewers will have the final say. Like American Idol, the public will vote two contestants off the show each week via The Interview’s Facebook page, Twitter account, and website.

In the spirit of friendly competition, the Canadian Red Cross in Saskatchewan is asking the public to submit pictures of themselves enjoying their “Red Cross” blizzards this week via Twitter. The best picture will receive a prize.

This is a rare show, as it is entirely played out online and the vast amount of buzz surrounding the show has been created by using social media and word of mouth. It also takes advantage of Regina’s close business community and fun cooperative spirit. The Canadian Red Cross in Saskatchewan will also be a major part of one episode, but we are sworn to secrecy on the details so you will have to tune in to the show to find out! Watch The Interview 2 today or follow program developments via @theinterview2 and @RedCrossSK and get in on the action. It will be an exciting six weeks!

The cast of The Interview 2.

The cast of The Interview 2.

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