Tech Talk: Twitter Team year-in-review

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Journalist Amber Mac is a member of the Red Cross Twitter Team

If you are a frequent follower of this blog, you probably would have seen us mention the Canadian Red Cross Twitter Team on a couple of occasions.  The Team is a group of digital volunteers committed to helping the Canadian Red Cross during disasters.

The Team has only been in existence since the summer, but already has been extremely active in supporting our work by sharing messages and other important information on Twitter during the Horn of Africa drought, an earthquake in Turkey, and most recently in support of the Canadian Red Cross response in Attawapiskat.

We didn’t randomly choose members for our Twitter Team. We focused on inviting friends of the Red Cross who have consistently supported our efforts over the year. For example:

    • Amber Mac (@ambermac) has done a few projects with us, including a water safety video and most recently she added the Red Cross to the causes page on her website
    • Joallore Alon, (@clickflickca) has twice co-hosted a CPR Tweet-up in Toronto;
    • Tammi (@tangomango68) helped organize a Japan fundraiser in support of Red Cross;
    • Bif Naked (@bifnaked) blogged about the Horn of Africa for us and tweets about us every single day;
    • Evelyn So (@evelynso) has helped organize several speaking engagements for the Red Cross;
    • Rebecca Bollwitt (miss604) is a top Vancouver blogger who often lends her support to the Red Cross through her blog and Twitter channels;
    • Jillian Harris (@jillianharris), visited Slave Lake with the Red Cross earlier this year;
    • Jorges Rosales (@rosalesj) is a keen supporter, attending our events and helping us share important messages;
    • Sandra Brunner (@wallabina) has also been an avid supporter and blogged for us after the Red Cross supported her family when their house burned down;
    • Scott Stratten (@Unmarketing) has worked with us to advise us in our social media strategy and is one of the first to share messages to support our work in emergencies;
    • Ann Douglas (@anndouglas) has consistently kept in touch with us, often sharing information about our work through her various social media networks

There are even more supporters who have signed up to give us a hand during disasters. Those members include: @camadouny, @snotforprofit, @sahnetaeter, @camadouny, @nikkidohertybc, @jon_cram and @taliafootsteps, @krisfrei, @rvitelli, @beaubenny and @barryradford.

If you are interested in becoming a Twitter Team member, check out our website

Thanks to the Twitter Team for all your support this year!

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  1. Proud being part of the team and of the worldwide Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement!

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