Giving life, Haiti and small miracles

*Guest blog by Sophie Chavanel, Senior Communications Coordinator, Canadian Red Cross, Haiti

“This week I really had a great experience. I helped a woman give birth in a Canadian Red Cross vehicle,” said Cyril Stein, coordinator of operations for the Canadian Red Cross in Jacmel.

 On July 4, Cyril and three other Red Cross employees were approached on the road outside Jacmel by a woman about to give birth but with no means to get to the hospital. The team did not hesitate for a second and quickly helped the woman into their car to take her to the local hospital. However, only a few short moments later it was clear that there was not enough time to transport the woman to the hospital. 

“We stopped,” said Cyril. “And helped the woman give birth and then took her to the local hospital. It was completely unexpected, but a very beautiful moment, a moment that reminds us why we are here. ”

Click here to learn more about our work in Haiti!

Photo credit: Cyril Stein

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