Halloween Red Cross style

It’s the time of the year again soon, when all the ghosts and goblins hit the streets for some trick or treats.

But, there is no reason to put on a tired-old witch or ghost costume if you or your kids are unsure of what to be this Halloween. We are here to help!  Here is a list some Red Cross inspired costumes:

  1. 1. Tornado  – is that a tornado in Ontario in October? Sure is! Check out this crafty costume. A guaranteed conversation starter, you can share emergency preparedness info while donning this outfit.


2. Can of spam – an homage to our favourite disaster dining luncheon meat.  Need we say more?


3. Mosquito – we all know that Malaria Bites. Mosquitoes carrying malaria can be pretty scary, and they only come out a night, so it’s a perfect Halloween costume! Dress up as one, and help spread info on how Red Cross is fighting this disease in Africa.



4. Red Cross nurse – Are you a Red Cross history junkie? This cute kid’s costume we found that celebrates our past might be of interest to you.



5. Buckles – encourage others to think about water safety all year long, while dressing up as our beloved water safety mascot.

Do you have any ideas to add to the list? Write them in the comment box below.

And while you are preparing for this Halloween, check out these great safety tips.

2 Responses

  1. Love the costume choices! You could always go as a First Aid kit – think how handy you would be to have around! I’ll work on the proto-type for next year!

  2. I actually looked everywhere for an image of someone dressed up as a first aid kit. I couldn’t find any! So next year, we’re counting on you to demonstrate

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