Engaging (YOU)th!

We’re back to school again and already our Red Cross Youth Action Groups are getting started.

Youth Action Groups are an important part of building awareness and taking action on many global issues. We have also worked to improve our local community, and the results have been phenomenal. For example, the youth group I belong to in York Region has, in the past, held a monthly Humanitarian Speakers Series with Red Cross delegates who have worked around the world on various missions.

If your school doesn’t have a Red Cross Youth Action Group – why not start one?

Here’s an idea of how you can get started:

STEP 1: Get in touch with the Red Cross by contacting your local Canadian Red Cross office and setting up a meeting to discuss your idea and learn about the Youth Action Group.

STEP 2: Introduce the group to your school, get permission from the school to form your group, get a teacher to act as an adult advisor to the group, advertise your group, and recruit new members 

STEP 3: Recruit your first executives.

STEP 4: Plan your first event. Here’s a suggested timeline for your event:

October: Think of some AMAZING ideas for an awareness campaign related to a humanitarian issue or fundraiser Make sure they are creative, outside-the-box ideas that can really raise funds for a good cause within the principles of the Red Cross

End of October – Mid November: Your school Red Cross executives will discuss ideas and help you choose the best idea.

December – before March Break: Have an idea that every member can take part in. It is up to you to develop the event. But don’t worry, if you have any questions, remember you have a high school and community that has your back.

Hold the event: You could have guest speakers, media, teach others about a humanitarian issue that your group is passionate about and also raise funds. This will let the whole school know that being a part of Red Cross is not just about volunteering, but becoming part of a humanitarian community and taking action for humanity.

If you have any questions please contact your local Red Cross Branch.

Let’s get started!

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